Message from the Director

I know that we are all watching the development of the Coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty. We all - the Hall and Costello family and the world in general - are in unchartered territory. and it is important that we remain calm, show solidarity and stand by each other in these difficult times. 

With the latest developments coming out of the Government on Monday enforcing a lockdown, I want to ensure you that we have taken every precaution to ensure that we are best placed to remain both available and capable pf supporting you during these unprecedented times. 

Although, like everyone. we have had to enforce a work at home policy, we have invested in numerous technological platforms that allow our staff to continue to work in a collaborative manner and to communicate in real time. Our phone lines continue to be open and we have put internal policies in place to ensure that your call ins answered by one of our dedicated team members. We at Hall and Costello consider ourselves to be a forward-thinking company and have always adopted technology that compliments our personal service and improves our business efficiency; I would like to assure you that the current climate will have zero impact on our ability to continue to offer you the best service and commitment you have come to expect from us. 

During the next couple of months, it is not going to be possible to continue with the traditional face to face interactions, however we can make ourselves available across a variety of technological platforms including Microsoft teams, zoom, facetime and skype. It is imperative during these uncertain times that you do not feel isolated and I want you to know we are here and accessible to support you.

On a personal note, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience, resilience and trust. We take managing your finances very seriously and our roles as your Advisers ae more important now, in these uncertain times than ever before. Please do not shy away from getting in touch, your anxiety and worries are just as important as your successes. The true strength of any form of relationship is measured in trying times, not just the good. 

Stay calm and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Hall 

Managing Director, Hall & Costello Wealth Management Ltd. 

St. James's Place Wealth Management